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12 June 2015 @ 09:00 pm
#14 [ENG TRANS] Katayose Ryota’s special Q&A @ B-Pass March 2015 issue  

the scan I got from: https://www.facebook.com/genescan

1. Q: What do you want to do for the first time in 2015? – A: cook by myself.

2. Q: What is the best moment of new year celebration that you impressed a lot? – A: The first time I drank sake with my parents in this new year.

3. Q: In new year, what is the certain things that you always do in your home like “this is only in my home” ? – A: eat a food like mizutaki (food esp. chicken and vegetables boiled in plain water) in the second day of the month.

4. Q: In the season like winter, what is you recommended item or way to warm the body? – A: fluffy socks.

5. Q: tell us what is your “heavy rotation” (an item that you wear a lot) fashion item in winter? – A: long coat.

6. Q: tell us is there any popular expression or phrases between you and other members? – A: “no such thing like that”

7. Q: what kind of food and drink that you want in winter? – A: corn & potato soup.

8. Q: If you have a month of free time, where do you want to go or what do you want to do? – A: London.

9. Q: what the title will you use for this time album for catch the attention? – A: new generations’ music.

10. Q: what is the song in this new album that you personally want your fans yo have more attention to the part of this song? – A: the song titled “my only love” because this kind of ballad song that we have challenged to sing this song with no cut, so please listen to this song.

11. Q: in the MV shooting of the lead song of this album, what scene do you remember a lot? – A: On this MV we have additional people from foreign countries. We have communications with them on the free time.

12. Q: this is your first hall tour, in this tour what the thing that you want to show to your fans? – A: I hope our fans can feel the musicianship of Generations while they watch our live performances.

13. Q: Your group will also attend a national tour, where is the place that you looking forward to go? or what kind of gourmet that you want to eat? – A: I really want eat Fukuoka’s motsunabe (nabe made with offal, vegetables and miso).

14. Q: Many people get their time to do the exam this season, can you tell us your way how to relieve the nervous and get more luck? – A: I have a pants that I got from EXILE HIRO. When I wear it, I can get the fighting spirit.

15. Q: in 2015, as Generations member, what is your enhancement? – A: I want enhance my vocal power and become a vocalist who can sing well and deliver the messages over the world nicely.