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29 June 2012 @ 09:09 pm

just call me rain.. from Indonesia. a half muggle and half fangirl
who really love all about Japan especially Johnny's artist since 2010 and become LDH fans since early 2015
yeah i just do some looking around for LJ community and sometimes give little comments there
I can speak Japanese, English and of course Bahasa, Let's be friend~~ ^-^
Yoroshiko~ Thank You.

12 June 2015 @ 09:51 pm

finally~ I have a time to post about this new official group name of Johnnys Jr here in my Livejournal. I'm extremely happy right now~ because this is about my favorite group in Johnnys Jr!
next step is DEBUT..Collapse )
18 April 2015 @ 09:05 am
hello there~
comeback again in this sunny morning (at my place) ><,, I'm going to check my work but before that, I opened my facebook page, curious about what I have done in my past.
Let's go to the past..Collapse )
11 April 2015 @ 01:59 pm
welcome April~ xD how's your april mop?
this is my first post on this month.. I started to like generations from exile tribe since January 2015, and decided to buy their original album. I got their album a month after the release date. very late deshou~ ><,, but, still, I'm extremely happy!! because they're so kakkoii ><,, I love the combination of Ryota and Ryuto's vocal in this album <33

I will post my preview of gene's album in the next post ><,, (I have plan to translate all of gene's song in this album) after I bought gene's, the next package arrived at my home and that was... EXILE TRIBE perfect year live tower of wish 2014 dvd!! yeah these months really hard for me especially my wallet (what) but, these are so cool and awesome to watch their live performances! and I WISH I can go to JAPAN and watch their live there!
08 March 2015 @ 05:55 pm
well,, this is the first time I made a birthday post for Kouchi-sensei XD today, March 8, 2015 is his 21st birthday. Omedetou! ><,, I don't have any special thing that I can give for him, but I just want to share my translation again (I think some of you have read it on my tumblr XD) It was Jesse talking about Kouchi in Jesse talk, you can go here for you who want to read it ><,, they are so close since they appeared together on shiritsu bakaleya koukou, and I love this pairing, I always called them with Kouchesse XD it's mean Kouchi and Jesse lol
once again, happy birthday Kouchi-sensei~ wish you all the best, hope this year will be a great year for you and good luck for your work! even you won't be popular with the girls lol happy birthday!
just try to update my journal with my own story but failed.. I don't have any interesting story /sigh/ but I hope I will have mine and share with you here haha..
okay~ here I am going to share my old translation again, why? because I missed this 6 boys SO MUCCHH! you know, they had their "COMEBACK" in shokura and gamushara j's party of course.. :3 I extremely happy!!
This is an old article that I've got from Myojo January 2013 issue.. their drawings has appeared there. XD Shintaro's was so unique and SO SIMPLE!!

last dango...Collapse )

a lot of pleasant comments has been entered and collected about this duo and make them number one among the others.

"i think they’re easy to get closer and i can’t take my eyes on them." from yukarun

"i think they will gonna be representative of the new age of johnnys duo. it will be my anticipation in life. " from arimeru.

jinguji: when we read this project about favorite duo, we said that sure we can be number one.

iwahashi: yes, we’ve said that right? after read the comments, i’m really impressed about one comment that mention us gonna be representative of the new age of johnnys duo.

jinguji: there’s a lot of duo in johnnys. for example kikuchi-kun and kento-kun. i think we want to be like them too.

iwahashi: we want try our best to make us to be more exist.

jinguji: if we combine our name, it could be…

kishi: wyuuta?! (said kishi-kun on the near of them) (LOL)

jinguji: it is also right but (laughs)…. many of our fans called us with jinguiwa.

iwahashi: we will try our best to be the new age of johnnys duo.

jinguji: and don’t forget to support wyuuta too.

iwahashi: eh?! (laughs)

trans by me.
kind of old scan ><, bakaleya6 talked about their role on shiritsu bakaleya koukou..
I've translated this from Japanese to Bahasa Indonesia, enjoy! xD

ini adalah drama pertama saya...Collapse )