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25 August 2014 @ 07:35 pm
#11 [ENG-TRANS] [Wink Up 09/2013] #1 Favorite Duo Jinguji Yuta and Iwahashi Genki  
a lot of pleasant comments has been entered and collected about this duo and make them number one among the others.

"i think they’re easy to get closer and i can’t take my eyes on them." from yukarun

"i think they will gonna be representative of the new age of johnnys duo. it will be my anticipation in life. " from arimeru.

jinguji: when we read this project about favorite duo, we said that sure we can be number one.

iwahashi: yes, we’ve said that right? after read the comments, i’m really impressed about one comment that mention us gonna be representative of the new age of johnnys duo.

jinguji: there’s a lot of duo in johnnys. for example kikuchi-kun and kento-kun. i think we want to be like them too.

iwahashi: we want try our best to make us to be more exist.

jinguji: if we combine our name, it could be…

kishi: wyuuta?! (said kishi-kun on the near of them) (LOL)

jinguji: it is also right but (laughs)…. many of our fans called us with jinguiwa.

iwahashi: we will try our best to be the new age of johnnys duo.

jinguji: and don’t forget to support wyuuta too.

iwahashi: eh?! (laughs)

trans by me.