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11 February 2015 @ 06:55 pm
#13 Myojo 01.2013 - Johnnys Jr Tokyo and Kansai drawing battle~ (Bakaleya boys part)  
just try to update my journal with my own story but failed.. I don't have any interesting story /sigh/ but I hope I will have mine and share with you here haha..
okay~ here I am going to share my old translation again, why? because I missed this 6 boys SO MUCCHH! you know, they had their "COMEBACK" in shokura and gamushara j's party of course.. :3 I extremely happy!!
This is an old article that I've got from Myojo January 2013 issue.. their drawings has appeared there. XD Shintaro's was so unique and SO SIMPLE!!

here are the best 10 of tokyo kansai drawing battle:
1. Nakama Junta
2. Kyomoto Taiga
3. Akito Kiriyama
4. Sanada Yuma
5. Nishihata Daigo
6. Mukai Koji
7. Kishi Yuta
8. Morimoto Shintaro
9. Hamanaka Bunichi
10.Matsumura Hokuto

2nd position
Kyomoto Taiga got 86 votes

title: God
original title planned by himself: Leader of God

his comment:
my plan is my drawing must be the number 1, but be the 2nd position is enough for me, because Nakama Junta (who got the 1st position) is senpai (laughs). Look! of course everyone knows this is mine. i mean, The character on this drawing is originally made by me, so maybe my fans realize it. Ah, even they don’t know about the creator, my drawing still got many of their votes! So happy~! From now on, i am going to make this character more popular! So please help me to make this more popular, draw it on your blackboard in your school! (laughs).

8th position
Morimoto Shintaro got 33 votes

title: Last Dango
original title planned by himself: Nakabou

his comment:
eh? i got 33 votes? iyahoo~ i don’t even think this will get 8th position, i mean, the other drawings is more great and very expert. Everyone gives their vote for my drawing because of ‘Simple is best’, i am very surprised about it. Everyone said that my drawing is interesting, is it really that interesting? (laughs). usually i don’t draw anything, so i am really surprised about this. Thank you. if i have a chance to do some draw like this again and i get higher position in another time, i think it would be great.

10th position
Matsumura Hokuto got 14 votes

title: each of time
original title planned by himself: SHTJJY

his comment:
at that time, i have many of plan to draw something. but without any ideas, i think i am going to draw something that unexpected or even worst. so i decided to try some drawing with an idea of something that stylist (laughs). There’s one of reader opinion about my drawing that made me really happy, it said ‘if there’s any kind of watch like this, i want to have it.’ I want to make any kind of design originally made by me for any kind of goods some day. To become a fashionable designer, i am going to try my best from now on (laughs).

Lewis Jesse

original title planned by himself: PAAGAA

Tanaka Juri

title: An angel or the devil
original title planned by himself: J

Kouchi Yugo

title: treasure
original title planned by himself: youngman who really likes soccer

their drawings: