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18 April 2015 @ 09:05 am
hello there~
comeback again in this sunny morning (at my place) ><,, I'm going to check my work but before that, I opened my facebook page, curious about what I have done in my past.
And I found this, lol it has been 3 years ago... when I met Enoki-san at the first time. My brother invited me to meet Enoki-san (one of his boss). He told Enoki-san about this little ugly childish girl not yet a woman (at that time XD) majoring japanese literature and had been interested to kansai dialect so much. Enoki-san was born in Osaka. And of course, He using kansai dialect i for daily conversation. But! He's really good at english! No doubt it's because he has duty of working at the overseas alot (including Indonesia). He's married, and now his wife learning Indonesian language. They are really a nice person ><,, I finally can finished my mini thesis is because Enoki-san and his wife ><,, They gave me Japanese novel that using a lot of kansai dialect tittled "The Manzai".  Thank you very much for Enoki-san and his wife! I'm surprised that Enoki-san made a testimonial about me in his facebook page ><,, I don't believe it lol, I'm an ugly childish girl not yet a woman tough. /sigh XD

okay, not only that thing that I found at my past, I found out my birthday gifts 2 years ago from my friends (special friends) XD why I called them by special friends? because I don't really know them in "real life" (I know them since I participated ..lol I can't explain it XD ah, let me just called it with fandom world ;)) ) I have not see them yet in real life but they gave me so much surprise presents in my birthday! ><,, isn't that special? They gave me a photo album (with their photos inside it <3), a sketch of me!! <333, and a video greeting. I can't do anything good for you all to reply these such beautiful gifts but thank you so muchh~ thank you!! ><,,

well, now I must go back to work XD jaa~