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12 June 2015 @ 09:51 pm

finally~ I have a time to post about this new official group name of Johnnys Jr here in my Livejournal. I'm extremely happy right now~ because this is about my favorite group in Johnnys Jr!
They are six member from Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou drama (the collaboration drama between AKB48 and Johnnys Jr) or best known as Bakaleya6 / Bakaleya-gumi / Bakada Boys. Now they have an official group name! The name is.... SixTONES !! (the pronouncation is "STONES") Read here to know more about their official group name >> http://6tones.livejournal.com/3822.html

Finally they have their own official name!! yatta~ They announced their official name on Johnnys Ginza 2015. The fans are so happy for thisss!! And look, here are they on Johnnys Ginza 2015 during play a game about mutual understanding game.. They have to answer the questions.  It was showed on TakiChannel..

the question is "The one who love this group the most is?" Most of them answered with their own name. Shintaro anwered with "Morimoto", Hokuto answered with "Hokkyun" (He means Himself), Kouchi answered "Kouchi", and Jesse answered with "Me". They all are so love! <3 They really love this group so much <3 I hope they can get their debut this year~ yeah next step is just only DEBUT FOR REAL! ><,, Ganbatte!
They appeared on this month Shokura and announced their official name for the very first time there~

I really loved it when their name appeared on Shokura like this <3 right at the bottom of the tittle of the song ><,,
For those who want to DL this performance you can go to kanpekilife She has the video on her LJ \o/
once again, congratulations SixTONES! ><,,

*ps sorry for my bad capture